1. Business Phenomena

The success of change management lies in the ability to be holistic by incorporating the outer (visible and concrete) and inner works (subjective and intangible) of an organization.

 The subjective content, causes of outer symptoms in a system that is neither understood nor acknowledged becomes an underground resistance and hijacks strategy. The underlying issues and emotional content need to be identified, diffused, and neutralized. Afterward, they must be reframed and aligned into the covert strategy.

A phenomenology study does exactly this, measuring and displaying the subjective paradigms into themes enabling management to build corrective strategies upon.

This is not only for strategy design but is crucial as part of the Due Diligence process in acquisitions and mergers in order to know exactly what is being bought.

2. Coaching and Profiling

I have coached high-level leaders and teams for the last 25 years. It has been my absolute pride to watch those I work with thrive and rise.

The process unclutters and unearths old hijacking patterns and thinking, replacing it with conscious concrete mental models and selected behavior.

The work is underpinned by systems thinking, a holistic methodology building on self-development, continuous learning, and organizational expansion.

Further to this, CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy), Logotherapy, and NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) are used.Insights personality diagnostic is used to start the process and forms the foundation of the coaching program.

Furthermore, raising business acumen competence is a core component, and coachees often refer to their process as their mini MBA.

3. Project Retrospect

Processes to capture best practices for future projects, mitigate risks, and educate into the organization.

A process where all teams and JV's get together and reflect on past and current projects.

 It serves as an open working communication platform, to unearth and make overt best operations procedures.

The process is filmed and documented in order to serve as an education tool into the business, plus serves as a marketing tool.

5 . Key note and public speaking

Ilze is a behavioral expert and can be called upon to speak on topics such as leadership, change management, developing self, and EQ.

Her public address is motivational, informative, with a good dose of humor.

Ilze gets invited to address corporate as well as public events.

4.​ Interactive Live Developmental 360

This 360 is an inclusive face-to-face inquiry used as positive enablement and development in leadership and teams

. It is not a stand-alone diagnostic; it is inclusive by the nature of the process. 

Questions are geared to generate self-reflection for both interviewees and subjects.

6 . Time to change progamme

This is a seven-day program designed to deal with burnout, divorce, career change, or challenges, for anyone at a crossroads place in their lives. 

The program includes the physical aspect as well as the cognitive.

Ilze partners with a medical doctor specializing in Integrative health to offer a holistic package.

7. Single consultations

Problem solving or needing a sounding board for a pressing matter and not wanting a coaching process.